Mini-Hypno Series: if ’empty fucktoy’ is the answer, what is the question?

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It’s time for some IQ reduction! Every question is utter nonsense… But Trix doesn’t know that. Sinister has convinced her she really should know the answer to ‘7 + Tuesday’, or ‘what’s the opposite of an aardvark’. She doesn’t know though, but the not-knowing just makes her horny… each question she gets wrong making her feel more like a dumb, empty fucktoy. Her face grows increasingly vacant as she fails more and more questions, squirming as her humiliation turns her on. Sinister admonishes her, telling her what a dumb cunt she is for not being able to answer, and what a slut she is for getting turned on by it…

Finally she’s asked one question: what are you for? And finally, she can answer- even if that answer is only to open her mouth, a wet welcoming hole to be fucked.

Of course, when Sinister ends the effect, Trix is embarrassed and furious, snapping back to her witty and intelligent self, and threatening an early death to Sinister for his treatment of her!

It’s the core Mes crew doing exactly what they love. Just two hypnokinksters messing with each other in all kinds of hot ways, then laughing and basking in the warmth of their connection when it finishes.

Models: Sinister topping, Imaginatrix bottoming

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