Mesmerotic is a UK based hypnosis fetish education and video production company. Run by hypno-kinksters with a passion for erotic hypnosis, we create videos which reflect the way we play. Our videos capture the connectivity, intimacy and emotion that happens when real people engage with their fetishes. Meanwhile, our classes break down the way we play with hypnosis to make it accessible for more kinksters to embrace hypnosis for their play!

Imaginatrix and Sinister form the core Mes crew. Their 24/7 D/s dynamic, and the super hot play they engage with as part of that, forms the backbone of Mesmerotic’s content. Trix has a penchant for exhibitionism, and Sinister loves to share her enthusiasm for the wonderful things hypnosis can do. The result was a desire to make the porn we wished to see in the world!

Modelling good consent practices is an important element of Mesmerotic’s philosophy so, wherever possible, we include on-camera negotiation and aftercare. Our collaborators are friends, and we love having “making content” as an excuse to bring all our fantasies to life.

Both Trix and Sinister are available for sessions, customs, live shows, tuition and workshops.