Pleasure Puppets

Trix and Kayleth aroused and controlled on Sinister’s hypnotic strings

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Trix and Kayleth love to play together, but deep in Sinister’s hypnotic control their normal closeness is twisted into a fevered desire to kiss, touch, and pleasure each other. After an induction staring deep into each others eyes their emotions become just strings for him to pull, and his puppets just can’t keep their hands to themselves. Even when Sinister holds them apart, they pull desperately towards each other, desperate to touch.

The desperation intensifies when he starts to play with their minds even more, his words forcing Trix and Kayleth alternately into dominant and submissive mindsets. Each melting under the other’s touch before suddenly needing to control in turn. And when they’re both set to be on top, sparks fly as they wrestle to be the one making the decisions.

Kayleth then spends some time as Trix’s blank doll, with Trix feeling and mirroring every touch and sensation that’s inflicted on her helpless plaything. Before long the hypnotic pleasure becomes too much for them both and they cum in unison, the arousal amplified as it echoes between them.

Finally it’s time for Kayleth to taste Trix’s strapon, with the added bonus of Trix feeling every touch to it as if it were a part of her body. For his amusement, Sinister mentally tugs them between needing and hating the act, so the two take it in turns to push the other to take the pleasure they’re determined to give.

Sinister topping, Imaginatrix & Kayleth bottoming.

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