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Mindless terror

Asthalia scared, helpless, then brainwashed to serve (NB: Asthalia’s wonderful expressions are all visible during the shoot — we are just unable to show them in the trailer!) Asthalia is in trouble. Tranced to not know where they are, why …

Blind Obedience

Submissive hypnotically trained in slave positions with no memory of learning them Asthalia would call themselves a bit of a brat. They don’t give their mind and their obedience away- it needs to be taken. But Sinister has been working …

Cum again?!

Trix has been in a period of denial, and she’s already feeling quite floaty with all that arousal running through her. And she knows that it’s Sinister’s plan to make it so much worse. Hypnosis can make the impossible possible: a scene where Trix is forced to cum over and over and over, but is left feeling more needy and desperate at the finish!