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Distorted Desires

Hypnotically Manipulated into Armpit-Worship Eden loves to be made to do things she doesn’t want to do. And as someone who fetishizes gaslighting and manipulation, Trix is thrilled at the possibilities. Trix has a goal in mind: to make Eden …

Hypno-Pet Play

Tranced into a mindless cute pet! With Imaginatrix and Sinister Trix loves the freedom from responsibility that comes from being a pet. She has a special set of ears and a cute buttplug tail, her triggers for a mindless animal …

Mind Overwritten

Kayleth looks like such a sweet, feminine thing. You couldn’t tell behind that smile burns a desire to be a degraded, degenerate object. Trix loves making fantasy reality, and thrills at twisting Kayleth’s mind and turning her beautiful body into her personal fucktoy.