Hypno-Pet Play

Tranced into a mindless cute pet! With Imaginatrix and Sinister

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Trix loves the freedom from responsibility that comes from being a pet. She has a special set of ears and a cute buttplug tail, her triggers for a mindless animal state of mind where all humanity goes away! Sinister controls this hypnotic state, shaping her into his dumb pet, adorably degrading her as she crawls around naked for him, playing fetch and performing tricks for treats.

Unfortunately, the ears don’t stay on very well… And while Trix love being a pet she is less keen on realising what she was doing when her mind was gone, so every time the pet ears which anchor her headspace fall of, she becomes a blushing, hiding human (and to be honest, all she wants is the ears back on again so she doesn’t have to think!).

A cute little casual shoot from the core Mes crew.

Models: Sinister topping, Imaginatrix bottoming

Find the free negotiation and aftercare video here!

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