Double the Hypnotists, Twice the Bimbo

Two hypnotists turn sub into their drooling suck-slut

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Poor Kayleth hasn’t been around people much recently. Pandemic, y’know? And suddenly, there’s not one, but TWO hypnotists besieging her mind with their words. Imaginatrix and Sinister weave their hypnotic language together, sometimes working in tandem, sometimes vying for the lion’s share of Kayleth’s obedient subconscious.
Kayleth struggles to follow their instructions, her brain desperately grasping for the right way to please, to follow her impossible commands.

So overloaded by the conflicting hypnotic suggestions being poured into her ears, it’s not long before Kayleth is the perfect picture of mindlessness, giggling helplessly as they pull her mind apart. Her eyes go glazed and vacant as she’s asked to do the simple task of following one finger… and fails at that too. Maybe she’ll do better at sucking… but whose finger will she suck? At least she knows she’s made for sucking… repeating that between desperately sucking, until she’s stopped. Drooling, empty, staring at the camera. And she’s transformed into the perfect bimbo.

Switching her between headspaces (normal>bimbo) Trix and Sinister have her humiliate herself for them, beginning to undress… and for the next instalment, you’ll have to go and watch Kayleth’s video 😉

Models: Sinister, Imaginatrix topping, Kayleth bottoming

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