Breathe in Arousal

Aphrodisiac ‘gas’ mini-shoot

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Trix was feeling particularly hypno-horny, so we decided to turn the cameras on and capture some spontaneous play. The hypno-horny soon turns to horny-horny, as Sinister trances her to feel as though the air in an aphrodisiac, each deep breath sending the arousal gas into her mind and body. She rolls her eyes and moans as she begins to feel the hypnotic effects spreading through her. But the more of it she breathes in, the more her body relaxes, going so loose and limp, until all Trix collapes, her melted mind full of need but unable to do anything but breathe more of the arousal into herself as she squirms helplessly on the floor.

Models: Sinister topping, Imaginatrix bottoming

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