How the ‘Tist Stole Christmas

Hypnotic Amnesia Holiday Special!

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Time for some silly holiday fun! After mesmerising her with an especially sparkly Christmas bauble, Sinister steals away all knowledge of Christmas from Trix’s mind in an experiment to see what she makes of the halls the decked earlier that day.
Expect bewilderment at why the big sock is hanging up! Incredulity that something suspicious isn’t afoot because there’s no way Sinister would go to the bother of fabricating this much stuff! Exasperation as Trix tries to understand why we’re discussing Sinister’s weird fringe holiday instead of filming some content!

…And, like all Christmas Specials, a happy ending when Trix’s small heart grows three sizes as Sinister lets her remember again!

Happy Holidays Everyone.

Models: Sinister topping, Imaginatrix bottoming

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