Hypnosis through movement

Hypnotic harem dance into trance

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What happens when a group of beautiful women allow their minds to slip away in the feeling of touching each others bodies? When the music drifts through their empty minds and they lose themselves to the rhythm, just feeling, not thinking?

That was the question Willow asked, while setting up to shoot with Trix and Scarlot. Trix was intrigued: she knew how beautifully sensually they could dance, and how powerful hypnosis through touch could be. So they set out to discover! To push the limits of what trance looks like! And to have a fun sexy trancey time…

Trix starts with a quick induction, to focus all their minds on the sensation of touch. Then she starts the music. Soon all three are moving, stroking, stripping. Eyes flutter and roll… Each dancer moving dynamically, switching the mood- sometimes gentle, sometimes wild- and the implied power dynamic… Fractionating each other through gesture, trailing hands, rolling hips… Enjoying the flowing feeling of mindless movement… Building to a frenzy before collapsing into a happy, sexy, giggling cuddle-puddle at the end!

Ever dreamed of having beautiful, hypnotised women dance for you? Now you can experience it…

Models: Imaginatrix, Faerie Willow, Scarlot Rose

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