Oral fixation

Mindless sub tranced to suck

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Using her skills as a mesmerist, Sinister has been conditioning Trix to enjoy the feel of having her mouth used. It already works as a powerful trigger to lull her mind into obedience.

In this shoot, they toy with that response. First, Sinister demonstrates how easily she can take Trix into a deep state simply by putting a few fingers in her mouth. Trix’s eyes roll as she drops into mindless sucking.

But of course, Sinister wants to demonstrate that her control over Trix’s mind can have her believing and behaving in whatever way amuses her! So she adapts the suggestion, first so that, although Trix is craving fingers in her mouth more than anything, when she gets it she no longer wants them. Sinister laughs as she begs and pleads with her tongue extended, then snaps into nonchalance, confused at why the fingers are in her mouth in the first place.

Next, Sinister twists Trix’s mind again so that now she can’t stand the idea of having fingers in her mouth, but as soon as they’re inside she’s entranced by the bliss of mindless sucking, euphoric to feel something sliding in and out of her mouth. Her protestations and disgust makes the change after the fingers pass her lips even more erotic.

Eventually, Sinister decides just to showcase fully how powerfully Trix is affected by her oral fixation. So she offers Trix a dildo, letting her demonstrate how much pleasure Trix feels when there’s something pushing down her throat.

They move so Trix can really work the dildo with her mouth, and Sinister helps by layering suggestions that have Trix edging just from deepthroating and sucking. To tease her more, Sinister starts using Trix’s ‘freeze’ trigger, first so that the drool is running from Trix’s mouth as she’s frozen, denied access to the pleasure of sucking, then again when the rubber cock is already deep in Trix’s mouth. With her mind and body frozen mid-suck, Trix looks the perfect image of a mind-controlled suck slut.

Although Trix can barely take the dildo out of her mouth to beg to cum from her sucking, eventually Sinister acknowledges Trix’s need… by grabbing her hair and pulling her mouth off the dildo, denying her the orgasm she craves as her tongue impotently flicks towards the cock, her hungry mouth still parted in desire to continue.

Performers: Sinister topping, Trix bottoming.

Find the negotiation and aftercare (and mid-scene intermission) here!

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