Tranced & trained

Rubber pony play with Vesper & Imaginatrix

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In the great outdoors, many folk like to get in touch with their inner animal. But for Vesper and Trix, that gets taken much more literally. Trix, dressed in tight fitting spandex jodhpurs and her riding corset, strips away at Vesper’s humanity, turning her into Trix’s perfect little Shetland pony, while encasing Vesper’s body in clingy, shiny latex.

Trix begins by rubbing and petting the eye-rolling Vesper, treating her as the animal she is. Slowly, her words are taken as her pony-side, ‘Treacle’, begins to surface. Trix’s adapts Vesper’s body movements so her body feels horse-like to move. Vesper no longer talks, only makes cute little pony whinnies and huffs.

Once Vesper’s mind has been bridled, it’s time to transform Vesper physically as well as mentally. Trix hoods Vesper, completing the pony transformation, even making it so that Vesper – now completely Treacle – feels her mane being fussed and stroked, taking her deeper. Trix ensures the obedience of her pony by adding a head harness bit gag, which domesticates Treacle to her.

Vesper is gone, fully lost in pony space. Even the way Treacle eats feels naturally equestrian now, as she gentle nibbles sugar lumps out of Trix’s hand.

Trix trains her new pony with some compelled actions — a response that makes Treacle come running with just a click of Trix’s tongue, and a pleasure response to exclamations of “good pony!”.

Like any good horse-owner, Trix ensures her pony is well exercised, putting a lead on Treacle and putting through her paces — practicing trots and dressage walks with the help of her horsewhip. Treacle, of course, is a very good pony, enjoying the chance to show off!

Finally, it’s time to lead Treacle away to her stable to rest after all her hard work in the forest today. Good pony, Treacle!

Models: Trix topping, Vesper bottoming.

You can find the negotiation and aftercare video here.

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