Facing pleasure

Kit’s face turned into an intensely arousing erogenous zone

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It’s no secret that Trix’s touch has quite the effect on Kit. The lightest brush of Trix’s fingers has the vulnerable girl’s eyes fluttering even before they’ve started… so it’s only a matter of moments before Kit’s mind is open and vulnerable to Trix’s words.

As Kit’s eyes roll and her lips part, Trix takes the opportunity to drop her even further and build a craving for more. More touch, more control, more trance… and as the arousal builds Kit’s whimpers only encourage Trix on further. She uses everything to shape Kit’s obedient mind, even twisting distracting outside noises into channels for further surrender.

By the time Kit’s allowed to return to awareness she finds that her face has become intensely, sexually pleasurable. Her nose the most sensitive part of her whole body… and in no time Kit is begging to be touched. Trix blends touch with her hypnotic words, keeping Kit dancing on the edge between need and trance as she desperately asks for more. By the time Trix’s fingers meet Kit’s nose she’s stammering, struggling to find words amid all the burning arousal.

Kit is given a short chance to recover and share how it feels, but quickly that devolves into whimpering and begging once more as Trix continues to tease her face with gentle slaps and fingers between her lips. It feels so good that the trancey girl asks desperately to keep being teased rather than be made to cum.

Next Trix takes away Kit’s awareness that what’s happening is out of the ordinary. And so Kit is left unaware that having her face feel this good is anything other than entirely normal. Convinced that having one’s face rubbed is what “fucking” means Kit eagerly humps Trix’s hand with her nose… until Trix points out how strange it all is.

Not finished twisting Kit’s body up, she moves the majority of Kit’s pleasure to her lips. Suddenly fingers in Kit’s mouth feel as good as having her cunt fucked, and she’s reduced to a drooling, desperate, whimpering mess. As her tongue lolls out and her eyes roll back in her head, Trix fucks her mouth with her fingers as her mind struggles to stay together.

Next Trix steals away the pleasure from the rest of Kit’s body, ensuring that her face is the only part of her that feels good – and making it clear that Kit’s own touch isn’t capable of bringing her that pleasure. After a few moments of desperately rubbing her own face in vain, Kit begs Trix to touch and tease her again, to take her mind away – which of course she does.

Models: Kit bottoming, HypnoHedonista (Trix) topping.

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