A chance encounter, part 2

Undine de Rivière trances Imaginatrix

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Two beautiful, hypno-kink obsessed women have a chance meeting in a small hotel. For both Trix and Undine, there’s no better way to get to know someone than really getting inside their head. And this two-part series gives you a tantalising glimpse on their erotic, hypnotic play!

In Part 1, Trix had her hypnotic fun. But they both love to be hypnotised, so it’s time to switch so Undine de Rivière can use her amazing hypnotic skills to trance Trix!

Undine goes straight in with some catalepsy, starting by freezing Trix’s arm in place. As Trix becomes more and more dissociated from her body, Undine uses her to hold her necklace, imagining what a helpful object she could make Trix in to.
This intensifies until she snaps her fingers to make Trix into a melted puddle of trancey subject! Trix’s eyes flicker and roll as she relaxes into deep trance in Undine’s sensual control.

Undine fractionates Trix, delighting in how her body and mind respond as, with a wave of Undine’s hand, she drops deeper and deeper. With her prey in such a responsive place, Undine proves that hypnosis is a language of it’s own, switching to speaking German as she growls in Trix’s ear and strokes her body. Trix reacts powerfully to Undine’s native tongue, shivering and shaking and moaning with pleasure.

Ready to steer her subject’s experience more closely again, Undine switches back to English and increases the pleasure more and more until Trix is writhing and whimpering. Undine doubles it again and again with a snap of her elegant fingers, until the pleasure is almost overwhelming Trix. Finally, she let’s Trix experience the climax of the experience in a thrilling final cresendo.

With a smile and a sigh of contentment, they snuggle up happily. What a great way to get to know each other!

Models: Undine topping, Trix bottoming.

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Undine de Rivière is a German pro-domme, hypnosis content creator and hypnosis educator! Find out more at her websites:


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