Tricked & brainwashed

Punky rebel to dumb bimbo doll transformation

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Kit’s willing to please her hot date by indulging her weird kink for this straitjacket thing, just for a minute. Trix just wants to see her in it then she’ll take it off, promise.

Only… she won’t. Trix thinks her punky squeeze is cute, but not exactly her type: she likes ’em girly, and dumb, and horny. So, Kit is staying in that jacket, despite some very angry resistance as Kit tries everything to get out. And Trix is going to MAKE Kit into her type… Using a powerful tool called hypnosis.

Kit’s held helpless in the pink straitjacket as Trix adds matching pink segufix straps to Kit’s ankles. Using her soft words and mind-melting touches, Trix twists the desires of her target, even as Kit pleads to escape from her brainwashing. It’s soon becoming clear that a part of Kit reeeeally likes what Trix is offering – at least if her hard nipples and wet cunt are anything to go by.

Methodically, Trix feminises her prey, making her dumb and dependent. She replaces Kit’s safety pin earrings for some big ‘DOLL’ heart ones, then brushes out her hair – brushing away all her fears and resistance along with it. She changes Kit’s brown hair for a ditzy blonde wig and adds pink make up as Kit’s eyes roll. With a little encouragement, Kit’s soon announcing “I’m a dumb dolly” in the cutest bimbo voice.

Pleased with her docile creation, Trix teases Kit’s tits and cunt and takes her deeper, getting Kit to tell her what she is over and over again – she’s her dumb dolly now, and Kit couldn’t be happier.

This is all REAL hypnosis play! Even the resistant headspace/roleplay scenario is a hypnotic suggestion so that Kit really feel immersed into it, also included in the video.
You can see the process of bringing her back up, plus our negotiations and decompression from the scene, in this free video.

Models: Kit bottoming, HypnoHedonista (Trix) topping.

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