A chance encounter, part 1

Trix mesmerizes Undine de Rivière

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Two beautiful, hypno-kink obsessed women have a chance meeting in a small hotel. For both Trix and Undine, there’s no better way to get to know someone than really getting inside their head. And this two-part series gives you a tantalising glimpse on their erotic, hypnotic play!

At Undine’s request, Trix goes first doing the hypnotising — being hypnotised helps Undine to relax and unwind after a day at the hypnosis convention.

Undine remarks on how striking Trix’s eyes are… and Trix quickly captivates her attention on them, warning Undine that it won’t be too long until they start to glow. She stares deeper as Trix begins to sway, and Undine sways with her, slowly becoming drowsy, dreamy, sleepy, her eyes fluttering in the most gorgeous way.

Trix deepens the Trix by teasing Undine with almost touching her… Trancey and sensitive, Undine can feel an intensity, an energy transferring off Trix’s hands without her hands even being on Undine’s skin. Undine begins to purr, moan and gasp at the hypnotic pleasure of Trix’s almost-touches.

But if not-touching feels so good, how will Undine feel when Trix finally does place her hands on her flesh? As her curiosity builds, Undine pleads with Trix, impatient to find out! When Trix finally does gently touch her, Undine growls in erotic response, her body writhing with hypnotically-enhanced pleasure.

But Trix loves to tease, so it isn’t long before she steals her hand away again, as Undine sighs “that’s a pity”. But Trix only plans to build things up, this time teasing Undine with the sound of her voice, the way it moves through Undine’s mind, touching deeper than her hands could ever touch. As she shakes with pleasure, Trix places her hands back on Undine’s body, the pleasure increases until Trix surprises Undine with a snap! Dropping her down into a loose, relaxed place.

Undine’s body goes limp, easy to move and manipulate, and Trix fixes her gaze on her eyes again, now glowing as Undine gasps at seeing them. Then Trix guides Undine to a deep, giggly place, almost dizzying, an ecstasy glowing through her body that means she doesn’t even mind that she’s too hypnotised to stand up, even if she tries. The two laugh together, but it stops abruptly as Trix pulls Undine into her eyes again, stopping all her thoughts.

Undine goes from silly and giggly to completely still and blank at Trix’s command. Trix poses her, the perfect mindless frozen doll, as Undine’s eyes flutter and roll, showing just how far away her conscious mind is at that moment.

Finally, Trix brings Undine out — “that was a ride!” — and the two of them spend five minutes decompressing and discussing how the trance felt.

Come back for Part 2, when the two of them switch and Undine de Rivière uses her amazing hypnotic skills to trance Trix!

Models: Trix topping, Undine bottoming.

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Undine de Rivière is a German pro-domme, hypnosis content creator and hypnosis educator! Find out more at her websites:


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