The henchman

Sub tranced to act as mindless muscle for her hypnodomme to torture bound victim!

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Mind control movies always have the powerful villian using the bodies of their underlings to carry out their amoral acts, even making them take pleasure in the suffering they cause. And Sinister makes the most wonderful villainess, sadistically mesmerising Trix to attack their helpless target Eryn Rose!

The shoot begins with Eryn already held fast by the leather cuffs and Trix’s hands all over them, with Sinister stripping away Trix’s mind, making her so focused on the task at hand: turning into her single-minded obedient goon, inflicting pain on a helpless Eryn Rose for her entertainment.

Trix doesn’t think before she hurts the target of Sinister’s sadistic desires. She merely obeys.

Dressed in black leather Trix makes an intimidating henchman. Amoral, disconnected from the consequences of her actions, she blindly follows.

Sinister takes this one step further and hypnotically concentrates those feelings so the more she pain she doles out, the better Trix feels. Sinister has Trix spank Eryn; punch their thighs, stomach, and boobs, and flog Eryn hard on the thighs and chest, as well as delivering some mean face slaps so hard it leaves a handprint on the poor slave’s cheek. Eryn has a ball gag shoved in their mouth, leaving them drooling, whimpering and moaning around it.

Eventually Sinister decided to take over delivering the torment herself, while directing Trix to a hands free orgasm as the scene climaxes with a hard knee to Eryn’s cunt.

Models: Sinister topping, Trix switching, Eryn bottoming.

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