Good girls get hornier

Tranced toy’s nipples and mouth drive her desperate

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Lisa Kitto is deliciously, delightfully susceptible to hypnosis. Something she’s aware of, so she starts the shoot rather nervous. Certain that Sinister is going to mess with her mind… and yet along with the nervousness is a desperate eagerness. One that’s really rather appealing, and so Sinister goes about making it far worse.

Even as they discuss what’s about to happen Kit starts to show signs of slipping a little. As Sinister draws her attention to them she objects, insisting that there’s nothing happening… but it’s more than enough of an opening for Sinister’s words to start pulling her mind away, deeper and deeper. And then teases her for being so easy, claiming that she’s being rude to fall so quickly when Sinister didn’t ask for it. Kit’s flustered enough at this point to apologise for what is clearly nonsense… at which point Sinister drops her right back down with just a word.

From there Kit’s mind is just a plaything. Pulled up and down, woken only to be dropped again. Sinister works to increase her sensitivity, tying surrender and obedience to a growing arousal. She brings her out, then asks her what a good girl does. When Kit is too fuzzy from the trance to answer, Sinister provides a series of answers which Kit’s mind interprets as orders. Good girls show off their bodies. Good girls slap themselves. Good girls ask to be slapped. Good girls say thank you. Good girls get hornier…

Kit’s expressions as her body and mind betray her are delicious, and Sinister continues by building the sensitivity of Kit’s nipples until she’s unable to keep still as they’re played with. Every touch is used to break her down further. Before long Sinister’s attention turns to Kit’s mouth, and as Kit sucks eagerly on Sinister’s fingers she finds that she can feel them entering her cunt… Sinister able to drive her wild with arousal purely by finger-fucking her face.

Kit begs for the fingers to come back when they’re removed, drooling down herself when they do. Her eyes roll. Sinister numbs her cunt, making it clear to the desperate girl that Kit’s pleasure is entirely under her control. After removing the suggestion to give Kit a bit of a break, Sinister brings it back with a snap until at the end Kit is left a very good, very horny, drool-covered toy.

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