Bitch fight!

Hypnotic pet-play wrestling

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When we have a bit of free time, we go down to the woods with our friends, hypnotise them into obedient animals that fight for the grand prize of a t-shirt that says “doll trainer” that Bourne found in a charity shop. Y’know, just normal stuff.

Imaginatrix, in her spandex unitard, and QuickSylvan, in her festival forest robes, are ready to battle it out over a coveted t-shirt… so Sinister and Bourne decide they might as well make things a little more interesting. They’ll drop their subs in trance, transform them into pups, and have them fight it out in a best-of-three.

Who will emerge victorious? And who, for a future shoot, will end up being made into a doll for the amusement of the winner of the “doll trainer” t-shirt?

Place your bets!

This clothed shoot is very good-humoured and a reflection of the silly hypnokinky things we get up to with our pals! It was recorded rather spur-of-the-moment so unfortunately we don’t have a separate negotiation video.

Topping: Sinister, Bourne
Bottoming: HypnoHedonista, QuickSylvan

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