Taking a stand

Resistance overwhelmed by two manipulative ’tists

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Standing ominously close to the brainwashing chair, all Eryn needs to do is stay standing up. They plan to resist the hypnotic words being poured into their ears by the hypnotists standing either side of them, trying not to think about how good it would feel to just obey, to sink deep into their control and down onto the chair where they can surrender their mind entirely to…
No! Must resist!

Of course, Trix and Sinister have other plans. They’re ready to use ever dirty trick in the book to gaslight, persuade, manipulate and hypnotise, showing Eryn that it’s helpless to try to stand up to them, both literally and metaphorically.

Performers: Sinister topping, Trix topping, Eryn bottoming
Quick negotiation/decompression are included in the video.

More of Eryn can be found on their website, ManyVids, Clips4Sale, OnlyFans, and PocketStars.

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