Strapped to a bondage chair and brainwashed to moo!

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Kit wakes up confused – why is she strapped to this chair? Are the words in her ear talking about her ‘udders’? How long has she been like this? Why is her captor dressed like a cow? She’s helpless as these questions run through her mind.

Her hucow captor Trix begins to touch her all over, and despite Kit’s protestations, she notices how sensitive her body is feeling right now. Was it the audio file being played over and over that has her so desperate to have her tits played with?

Kit feels her mind begin to melt and her eyes roll back with pleasure as Trix strokes and gropes her breasts, teasing her nipples. Soon, Kit can barely speak, her brain falling into a hopeless docility, as her udders are squeezed…

But her captor cow Trix is keen to keep testing her work. So she gives her a few slaps to her milkers and tells her to speak again, and asks where Kit’s a human or a cow. Kit, still with some fight left in her, doubles down on insisting she’s a human, saying it over and over again… but those words soon turn into admissions that she is a cow when Trix brings her hands back to toy and tease Kit’s udders again.

Trix knows the next step to making a hucow is to remove words all together, and replace them with happy, horny “moos”. So with her hands repetitively squeezing, milking out Kit’s mind, Trix instructs her to give in to the pleasure of “moo”-ing. Soon, Kit is lowing groaning, ecstatic “moos”.

Kit’s nipples start to leak literal droplets of real secretions from all the stimulation, dripping her mind out of her udders. Overjoyed at the sight, Trix can’t resist bringing ‘the girl inside’ back to see how humiliated and embarrassed she is at her body’s responses – then tells her to admit she loves being a cow and that she wants to go back to “moo”-ing and milking.
Kit admits she preferred being a horny dumb cow, and Trix obliges, renaming Kit “Bessie” and adding her to Trix’s hucow herd.

The collar with a cowbell on it rings around Kit’s neck, sending shivers of pleasure through her already sensitive body, making her even more breedable and biddable.

With Kit fully lost to her hucow headspace now, Trix dresses her up in a pair of ears and a slutty little cow costume, exclaiming about how wet Kit has become as she slips the tiny string of the thong between Kit’s legs.

Finally, “Bessie” no longer needs to be strapped down – she’s a dumb docile cow now – so Trix undoes the straps. Kit’s hands go straight to her own udders, and she “moo”s happily, brain completely empty of anything except horny dumb cow thoughts.

Trix plugs her back in to the headphones, which play looping hucow brainwashing – and leaves her there, ready to be used by whoever wants a hucow to breed or milk.

Performers: Trix topping, Kit bottoming.

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