Masochistic Mindfuck

Hypnotised Sub Orgasming from Pain with Imaginatrix and Sinister

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Masochistic Trix loves to push her body and find out how much pain she can take for Sinister. He knows exactly how to twist up her mind and turn pain into pleasure. He begins with her kneeling, a position in which she easily slips into trance. His gentle hypnotic words belie his sadistic intentions, sweetly warping Trix’s receptive mind into the perfect pain toy.

With hypnotic hold firmly wrapped around her, he uses floggers, fists, canes, whips, clamps, gags, postural collars and spreader bars to render her body just as helpless as her mind. Each time the pain seems to be almost too much for Trix to bear, he deepens her trance and sends her further into subspace. Trix never stops feeling the pain, but she moves between discomfort and ecstasy, Sinister knowing exactly how to soothe her mind.

Before long, the pain hurts so wonderfully that Trix is asking for permission to cum, orgasming over and over as Sinister rains down blows upon her tender, aching flesh.

Models: Sinister topping, Imaginatrix bottoming
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