Blind Obedience

Submissive hypnotically trained in slave positions with no memory of learning them

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Asthalia would call themselves a bit of a brat. They don’t give their mind and their obedience away- it needs to be taken. But Sinister has been working on them for a while, and their susceptibility to his voice has weakened their subconscious to his control. Even when they’d rather hide, rather resist, his hypnotic control can take over and demand that they follow his instruction.

It’s easy to see how effected they are by his control, as the barrage of his words lands inside their head and their expression turns from alert to serene, relaxed, eyes gazed and mouth parted. Once they’re so utterly deep, he begins his training of them, making use of that blank state. Tapped with a stick and commanded by his words, their body fluidly slips between each position that puts them on show for him: kneeling, legs spread, arms behind head, deliciously objectified. Their face shows nothing but the glow of obedience as each position fills them with a submissive satisfaction.

When this training is absorbed deep into their subconscious, Sinister’s amnesia suggestion strips away their memory. He watches with amusement as Asthalia comes back awake, ready to ‘start’ the filming session. Of course, to Asthalia’s surprise, their programmed mind can’t help but respond as Sinister uses the commands that he’s built. Flustered and embarrassed in the most adorably understated, British way, Asthalia tries to struggle against their mental bonds, squirming, blushing and frowning as their body exposes them as an obedient thrall over and over again- and they can’t help but get aroused at their helplessness.

Content that his control is complete, Sinister hoods his new toy, removing their face and making them more of an object on display than truly a person. Just a mindless toy, moving from position to position, even their confusion serving to bring them deeper into his hypnotic hold.

Sinister topping, Asthalia bottoming.

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