Hypno-Pet Play

Tranced into a mindless cute pet! With Imaginatrix and Sinister Trix loves the freedom from responsibility that comes from being a pet. She has a special set of ears and a cute buttplug tail, her triggers for a mindless animal …

Mind Overwritten

Kayleth looks like such a sweet, feminine thing. You couldn’t tell behind that smile burns a desire to be a degraded, degenerate object. Trix loves making fantasy reality, and thrills at twisting Kayleth’s mind and turning her beautiful body into her personal fucktoy.

Cum again?!

Trix has been in a period of denial, and she’s already feeling quite floaty with all that arousal running through her. And she knows that it’s Sinister’s plan to make it so much worse. Hypnosis can make the impossible possible: a scene where Trix is forced to cum over and over and over, but is left feeling more needy and desperate at the finish!

Hypnosis vs Fucking Machine

Teased, Denied and Brainwashed into Chastity Bound physically by ropes and mentally by Sinister’s control, Imaginatrix is the subject of today’s experiment. Desperately horny, Trix has spent 24 days edging, teased and denied orgasm. Sinister has been weaving his hypnotic …